Project Description


Entreq Ertha cables are for grounding the signal plane of your equipment to an Entreq grounding box. You tap into the signal ground of your equipment using spare sockets on the analogue/digital in and out connections.


For electronics, amplfiers, CD players, DACS, streamers, transports, power supplies, these can be RCA or XLR or usb. Routers can also be grounded to startling effect using an RJ45 Ertha. All of these Ertha cables  will have a simple spade at the other end to connect into the grounding box.


Ertha spade to spades are used in three different applications. Firstly to ground the negative speaker terminals of an amplfier. This is a recent Entreq discovery and is an extremely powerful one. Note that you must use completely separate and discrete grounding boxes on each speaker channel to achieve this. See my Entreq Blogs for more information. Secondly, the spade to spades are also used to ground Entreq Powerus and Cleanus mains units for improved performance. Finally, spade Erthas can be used to ground the signal of a components into a Grounding box when no other option is available (e.g. using the grounding screw of a phono stage). Always try and use a spare RCA or XLR socket though for best performance.

3.5 JACK

The final Ertha to mention is the 3.5mm mini jack. This is for grounding other Entreq mains leads, interconnects and the Athena rack. The Athena racks, most Entreq mains leads and interconnects can be grounded themselves for improved performance.

Entreq Erthas come in 6 materials. At Lotus we mainly focus on 4 of them. We find that about 70% of customers opt for the Apollos which are nearly always better than all grades below and offer a superb balance of all properties. If budget is tight then the Silvers are recommended and if budget is higher then the Atlantis nearly always outperform the Apollo by a substantial margin which more than justifies the jump in extra expense.

Eartha Challenger.                    A hybrid Copper/Silver, neutral and with good details.
Eartha Silver                               Produces a very detailed effect, especially at high frequencies
Eartha Apollo                              Neutral, but very open and detailed.
Eartha Atlantis                           Very detailed, neutral.

Ertha Konstantin Infinity   £220
Ertha Challenger Infinity   £380

Ertha Apollo Infinity     £600
Ertha Atlantis Infinity     £1300
Ertha Olympus Infinity    £1500

All 1.65m in length as standard. Prices of additional length a very small percentage of the intial cost. Terminals can be RCA, XLR, USB, RG45, Spade, 3.5, 5 Pin-Din, US UK and Shuko Mains.