Project Description


Whilst signal grounding is a relatively new breakthrough, the benefits of good mains supply are very well estabilshed. A Hifi system is fundamentally a stream of electricity and it begins right at your wall outlet. The cleaner this power supply, the less interference is present when it reaches your equipment and the cleaner your sound will be with a lower noise floor and lower levels of distortion. Entreq being entreq, have tackled the various dilemmas of mains suply in ytheir very own unqiue and idiosyncratic way. The result is a suite of very powerul products which as ever, give a very even, natural, open sound that is exetreme low noise and replete with a sense of calmness and poise.


Entreq power cords have been carefully developed in line with the central technologies and philosopies on sound. The result is a drop in the noise floor, a very even and calm sound with no spotlit, recessed or ‘massaged’ areas of teh freqnecy spectrum. Neutrality and low distortion is the objective. Design principles of Entreq mains cables include

  • EEDS External Earth Drain System
  • Shot gun principle.
  • Asymetrical construction for reducing magnetic fields
  • Length of cables adjusted for a reduced antenna impact
  • DIC Dedicated integrated contacts. All contacts and spades are developed and constructed by Entreq for reducing negative influence in the signal path.



Entreq “Powerus” distribution systems do not recreate a synthetic 50/60hz wave as many mains regenerating products do as they believe this often leads to a ‘synthetic’ sound that has lost its sense of life.   They have no active filters but work on the principal of straight mains paths with a starground and internal design to minimise stray magnetic field effects and high frequency interference on the ground plane. All Powerus distribution units can be grounded themselves for optimal performance and they come fitted with a high quality captive mains lead.


The Cleanus is a completely passive mains filter or termed more accurately, a high frequency separator. High frequency interference and other contaminants are dramatically reduced by plugging a Cleanus into your supply. This occurs without any loss of dynamics, life or ‘musicality’ from the system. The result is a pitch black quiet background and an increase in purity and transparency. Each Cleanus unit can itself be grounded to a suitable grounding box for even greater effect.


Power Primer (new 2017)    £380
Power Discover Infinity     £780
Power Konstantin Infinity DDW     £1300

Power Konstantin Infinity 3V     £2100
Power Challenger Infinity 3V     £3300
Power Apollo Infinity     £6600
Power Atlantis Infinity £8200

Standard length 1.8m. Factory fitted with UK, Shuko, US or Euro mains plug. We always recommend Shuko over UK for another 10-20% better performance. Challenger 3V and above can optionally be fitted with Furutech NCF Connectors for a 10% surcharge.


PowerUs Infinity Konstantin     £2400
PowerUs Infinity Challenger 3V     £3900
PowerUs Infinity Apollo     £7000
PowerUs Infinity Atlantis     £9800

Hard wired with 1.8m of Entreq mains cable. Can be fitted with x4 UK outlets or x6 Shuko or US.

Infinity CleanUs (Power Cleaner)     £1200
Infinity Silver CleanUs (Power Cleaner)     £2400
Infinity Apollo CleanUs (Power Cleaner)     £3400
Infinity Atlantis CleanUs (Power Cleaner)     £4600