Project Description


The IDEA represents a synthesis of Avalon’s key aesthetic & sonic ideals into a sleek form. Combining Avalon’s innovative construction & renowned cabinetry, as well as their latest technological innovations in circuit designs, the IDEA will unfold an expansive soundstage in the most modest of listening environments.

Transparency & expansiveness in soundstaging are at the heart of the IDEA’s brief, while never sacrificing or exaggerating immediacy & dynamism. The quiet black backgrounds & crisp articulation that distinguish & set the stage for every Avalon design lie at the foundation of this incredibly musical communicator. Offering vivid dynamics & harmonic textures within a panoramic soundstage – built upon an incredible low frequency foundation that belies the IDEA’s modest cabinet.

Like all Avalon Acoustic products, the IDEA is designed & built in Boulder, Colorado to exacting & meticulous standards.

Driver Compliment:      1″ Proprietary Composite Neodymium Tweeter
(2) 7″ Nomex Kevlar Composite Cone Woofers
Sensitivity:                   88dB @ rated impedance
Impedance:                  4 ohms nominal
Frequency Response:   28Hz to 22kHz
Amplifier Power:          50 to 300 Watts
Dimensions:                35.5″ H (90 cm) x 9″ W (22 cm) x 10″ D (25 cm)
Weight:                       60 pounds (27 kg) each
The Idea is ‘the best £20,000 speaker you can buy for £8,000’. That it is more room and amp friendly in the process only serves to make it more attractive to a wider audience. And for those who crave a big image in a small room, I can’t think of a better design whatever the cost.
Alan Sircom, HiFi+
I found it very easy to settle back and allow this mellifluous loudspeaker to take the strain, enjoying the musical flow alongside the engaging illusion that this wasn’t machinery at work.
Martin Colloms, HiFi Critic