Project Description

KR 300b, £799

Low Frequency, high power triode. 6-12 Watts of pure class-A power. Fully compatible with classic 300B. Our favourite 300b at Lotus. Expensive but beautifully crafted, built for a long long life and with a wonderfully balanced sound. Every review I can find also agrees that these are top of the pile. Available in standard or balloon form.

£700 per pair


“In our personal pantheon of 300Bs so far, we like the KRs best.” Six Moons

“Above all else, the KR Audio 300B’s sound is exceptionally natural and organic, without any false sonic editorializing. And that counts for a whole lot in my book. Long live the new King!” EnjoyTheMusic

“The KR’s are now my favourite 300b’s (in my amps/system etc), from a sound quality point of view, construction and appearance. Their even balance makes them a safer bet bought ‘unseen’ than something more extreme like the JJ’s. They are also good value, undercutting several of the other valves in the test. I’m impressed” TNT Audio”

Maximum Plate Voltage550 V
Maximum Plate Current120 mA
Plate Dissipation50 Watts
Va450 V
Ia100 mA
Vg-90 V
Transconductance6.2 mA/V
Amplification Factor3.9
Filament Voltage5 V (DC/AC)
Filament Current1.2 A