Project Description

AVALON PM2 £34,500

PRECISION MONITOR 2 is a full range reference monitor designed specifically for superlative tonal and spatial accuracy. Recovery of fine low-level detail, without exaggeration or aggressive high frequency etching, was our specific design goal. Accurate tracing of all waveform parameters within a dynamic energy field is the hallmark of PRECISION MONITOR 2, an elegant and truthful high-resolution transducer for home or studio.

Each model in the Precision Monitor line presents exceptional spatial sound-staging, recovering the lowest level hall reverberation detail, the hallmark of true high-resolution monitors. Flat frequency response and phase linear time and transient behavior deliver an accurate rendition of all the crucial elements that go into a recording. Whether for home or studio, our Precision Monitors define the state of the art in high-energy reference transducers.

£34,500, (polychrome, birdseye maple)
£39,675 (premium finishes)
£POA + Deep Gloss finish

Driver Complement:
1″ Concave Carbon/Glass Tweeter
3 1/2″ Concave Ceramic Dome Midrange
2 x 7.5” Nomex Kevlar Composite Cone Woofers

89 dB

4 Ohms Nominal

Frequency Response:
24Hz to 50kHz

Recommended Amplifier Power:
25 to 400 Watts

Wiring Methods:
Two Position Binding Post

44″ (112 cm) High
10″ (25 cm) Wide
16″ (41 cm) Deep

86 Pounds (39 kg each) each

  • Proprietary Silent Inert Cabinet material/process


  • Meticulous tracking of power response, amplitude response, phase response, and transient response for unparalleled ambience retrieval and natural tonality


  • Purely pistonic wavefront generation with smooth open lobing characteristics


  • Stored energy elimination (SEE) technology produces clear stable imaging and black backgrounds even under heavy SPL demands


  • Entirely resistive and finite loading from 10Hz to 250KHz minimizing amplifier perturbation effects


  • Advanced light weight driver diaphragm materials minimize energy storage and time-domain distortion.


  • Each driver individually tested and matched for optimum performance.


  • Smooth, wide polar response for superlative imaging capabilities.


  • Moderate impedance characteristic allows for ideal interface with any amplifier.


  • Crossover circuitry is hard-wired with surface-only conductors, eliminating deleterious sonic effects of printed-circuit boards.


  • Proprietary all-phase crossover topologies


  • Careful crossover control of all magnetic field interaction.


  • Proprietary magnetics technology increases energy transfer and reduces noise floor.


  • Constrained-mode damping system absorbs cabinet vibrations.