Project Description

AllNIC T2000 25th Anni, 100W KT150 INTEGRATED, £8500

Beauty, grace, and power. Along with amazing, revelatory clarity, incredible dynamics and drive, articulate and powerful bass, and standard setting low noise and distortion, the T-2000 25th Anniversary provides 100 watts per channel of push-pull, pentode power or more than 50 watts SET sounding watts in triode mode; AND pentode/triode switching is “on the fly”. The T-2000 25th Anniversary offers finesse, delicacy and detail with stable, resolute power in the proverbial velvet glove.

The T-2000 25th Anniversary has the following features:

• 100 watts of high power output. The T-2000 25th Anniversary is a push-pull, KT150 power tube based stereo integrated amplifier.

• Remote controlled 41-step silver contact attenuator. The T-2000 25th Anniversary employs this house made quality attenuator instead of standard, outsourced carbon film potentiometers. The Allnic attenuator provides complete channel balance and less distortion.

• Powerful Driving Circuitry. Allnic believes in the importance of using high-quality, low noise and powerful driving circuitry in all its amplifying devices. The T-2000 25th Anniversary uses only two stages of driving circuit.

• “Full Engagement” Output Transformers. Conventional output transformers use pre-set secondary windings to accommodate 4, 8 and 16 ohm loudspeaker loads. However, these conventional transformers utilize only one secondary winding at a time, while the other secondary windings remain “idle”. This approach has two adverse effects. First, the output transformers are not working at their maximum efficiency, reducing their output relative to their potential. Second, the “idle” windings are not actually “idle”; they are subject to parasitic oscillations, producing their own “signal”. This undesirable electrical information is additive to the transformer’s output, distorting the amplified signal going to the loudspeaker. Allnic’s “Full Engagement” transformers address these issues by having 4 independent, secondary windings that are always fully connected, never “idled”. This means that all secondary windings are always connected to your loudspeakers, regardless of which output switch position you use (4 ohms or 8 ohms or 8 ohms or 16 ohms, depending on the factory configuration you have selected). The result is that there is neither a loss of transformer output efficiency, nor the introduction into the output signal of distortion from parasitic oscillations of the secondary windings.

• Large Nickel/FeSi Core Output Transformers. As with our other models, Allnic uses very large output transformers (114 mm) with nickel, mixed with FeSi, cores. This provides for higher inductance with fewer windings than other designs can provide and results in the great benefit of an extremely wide range of outputfrequencies.

• “Soft-start” Circuitry. Allnic uses soft start circuitry that, after sufficient warm-up only, provides the high voltage supply to the plate of each tube. This protective design results in prolonged tube life and fewer and less frequent issues with tube performance.

• Analogue Power Tube Current Monitors. In order to provide constant current (bias) monitoring for the power tubes, Allnic uses a separate analogue current meter for each tube. The meters make it exceptionally easy to see the status of each tube at any time. The meters offer a simple, unambiguous indication of each tube’s status compared to conventional LED bias monitors.

Key features of the Allnic T-2000 25th Anniversary stereo integrated amplifier

100 watts of high power output in pentode mode
More than 50 watts of “SET like” power output in triode mode
“On-the-fly” pentode/triode switching
In-house manufactured, 41 stepped, silver contact attenuator
Analog power tube current monitoring meters
Exceptionally easy bias controls
“Soft-start” circuitry
Individual fuse protection for power tubes
One pair of RCA preamp outputs
Four pairs of RCA inputs and pair of XLR inputs
4 and 8 ohm speaker terminals (8 and 16 by factory order)
Solid, high quality remote control


Output Power : 100w (8Ω load, at 1KHz)
Distortion : 0.17% at 1KHzat 10w
Frequency Response : 20Hz-20KHz Flat
S/N Ratio : -80dB(CCIR, 1KHz)
Damping Factor : 8at 8Ω load at 1KHz
Voltage gain : +26dB
Input Impedance : 100KΩ(single-ended,unbalanced)
Input Sensitivity : 1.3V for ratedpower
Fuses : 0.5A, 250V, 20mm slow-blow (KT150’s) 5A, 250V,20mmslow-blow (IEC Mains)
Tubes (per chassis) : KT150 X 4(power triode) E282F X 4 (second stagedrivers) 6AK6 X 2 (first stage driver)
Dimensions : (WxDxH) 430mm(16.93 inches) x 430mm(16.93inches) x 240mm(9.45 inches)
Weight : 40kg(88.2 lbs)

” the T-2000’s overall sound quality is that of a powerful, but well tempered instrument, always calm and in control of the music’s enormous dynamic changes and frequency swings. Mellifluous, blossoming top frequencies blend effortlessly with the entire midrange band and continue smoothly into the bass regions.”
Ernie Fisher, Inner Ear
“The Allnic T2000 is one of the finest tube power amplifiers that I’ve heard. Its overall combination of power, flexibility and sonic finesse are extremely rare at its price point.”
David McCallum , Inner Ear
“To summarize all this, I think the best way to do so is talking about emotion. The T‐2000 makes you want to listen music and nothing else, not analyze its defects, that of course it has, as all electronics do. It is one of a select group that allows the music to open their windows to a world of detail and emotion rarely experienced in high end Hi‐Fi. Every note captures your attention and, if the rest of your system is at the same level, makes you want to listen and listen and….. What more can I say: Simply delicious! “
Cliff Orman, Inner Ear
“Transient response is beyond reproach. The notes ignite like fire works rather than emerging from a dryer, less oxygenated space. This gives music a bouncy, buoyant feel. “
Greg Petan , Dagogo
“Everything I played seemed to ride upon a wave of liquidity. Continuity is one way to express it, seamless-cut from whole cloth another.”
Greg Petan, Dagogo