Project Description


“The SS-010 was introduced back in 2007. It has received multiple awards based on fantastic reviews world wide. The SS-010 was replaced with the SIA-025 in 2010 – which took the performance to a whole new level.

The SM-010 was introduced in 2008, based on requests from the market to have an upgradability from the SS-010 to give more power for less efficient speakers. This gave the SS-010 musicallity with more punch and dynamics.

The future is now here:

The new SM-011 – is taking the SM-010 into a new level, like the SIA-025 did based on the SS-010. With no upgradability, nor backwards compability needed, our design team had free hands to push the boundaries even further. With the SIA-025 in mind, a new platform was created that will satisfy a much broader audience. Keeping strict focus on our “musical engine”, we developed the next level of COOL in musical instruments – capable of driving any load to a full experienced concert level, without ever letting go of musicallity.

Technical keywords: (pr. channel)

1. 1.4KVA UI transformers with <2% loss

2. 240.000uF capacitor bank

3. Zero global negative feedback

4. 2mm thick boards with 105um copper on all layers

5. Intelligent Class A bias secures optimal working conditions for the outputstage at all time.

6. Modul based for future upgradability”