Please refresh your browser to ensure the list is up to date. Below is our secondhand list, updated on a weekly basis. Unless specified, all items are 240V, genuine UK supplied, extremely well cared for and recently traded in as part exchanges by bona fide LOTUS customers. A three month Lotus return to base warranty applies (save cartridges and valve equipment other than our own brands of Allnic and Brinkmann) and a statutory 7 day no quibble money back cooling off period. We have 10 years experience shipping fully insured all over the globe from Indonesia to Iceland so all your purchases are fully protected and warrantied with us. Most preloved items can be seen in our ebay shop with full descriptions and high resolution photos.

Please note that against new equipment we generally give very good part exchange prices so do not build ‘profit’ into used equipment. Items are priced at a figure that we feel is fair to you and to us, essentially in line with recent sold values and therefore priced to sell. Rarely then do we have any room to discount and items can and will remain in stock for months or even years until they achieve what they owe us. We are not secondhand dealers and selling our part exchanges is simply releasing cashflow rather than a profit making exercise.

Vitus RI-101 MK2 + USB DAC (black, just upgraded)£11,995
MBL N51 Integrated  (Noble, + phono, White, mint)£POA
MBL N15 Power Amp (Noble, Black /Gold)£POA
Linn Akubarik Exakt System (Walnut + DSM, 2016)£POA
Linn Klimax EXAKTBOX Katalyst (x2 available)£6500
Woo Audio WES Headphone Amp + SRA platform£2500
VTL MB 450 mono amps (black)£12,995
Allnic A2000 (stereo power amp, KT150)£3999
Tidal Preos preamp/phono/dac£19,995
VITUS SIA-025 Mk1£9500
Vitus RS-101 Stereo power amplifier£6500
VTL 7.5 III, black, MINT, 18 months old£14,995
Renaissance RA-01 300b Mono Amps£4800
VIENNA ACOUSTICS Klimt The Music (2018)£11,995
Avalon IDEA Mk2 (ex demo, maple, barely used)£8995
Avalon Compas (walnut cluster burl)£19,500
PMC Twenty 24 (walnut, mint, NO boxes)£1995
Audio Physic Virgo 25 + plus (maple)£4500
Linn Akurate DS/3£3750
Benchmark DAC-1 USB DAC (UK voltage)£550
Esoteric K-01 SACD Player/USB DAC£5995
Antipodes DX Generation 3 Upgrade audio server£2500
Melco N1 ZS mk2 (2TB, ex-demo)£6500
Bricasti M5 network Player£1900
Sonicweld Diverter HR
Verdier Platine/Callas/SDP/TW motor/NA 12£7995
Clearaudio Balanced phono (+ extra accu psu)£3500
Vitus RP-102 Phonostage (nearly new, silver)£9000
Linn Keel (for Aro)£1850
KUZMA Stabi XL DC turntable£14,500
TQ Statement phono RCA cable£2000
Viv Labs tonearm£2000
Opera Consonance Isolde T8 – TT + tonearm£999
Lessloss power distributer (US, bespoke, was $7000)£3000
Heimdell 2 speaker cable (3m)£999
HighFidelity Cables CT1-E speaker cables (4.5m pair)£1750
ANSUZ DTC-Supreme Ethernet 2.5m (was £7500)£3750
Lessloss DFPC ref mains cable 2m (US plug)£800
KUBALA SONSA Emotion speaker cables (2m)£3000
Burmester Silver XLR (1m)£200
Allnic ZL-5000 speaker cables (4M)£2195
Chord Sarum T power cable, 2M£1800
HighFidelityCables CT1-E 1m RCA£1050
TelluriumQ Statement power cord 2m£2999
Entreq Challenger USB£275
HFC CT-1 REVEAL RCA interconnect 1m£399
ANSUZ C2 Signalz XLR 2m£POA
Dynamique Audio Zenith mk2 XLR (1.1m)£1150
Entreq Challenger 3V mains cable£1095
Entreq Konstantin XLR£799
HFC CT1-U ultimate digital SPDIF£1199
Entreq Konstantin USB cable£325
Chord Sarum speaker cables – 4m pair£2000
VITUS Andromeda Mains cable (EU, boxed)£849
Naim NacA5 (2 x 3m, white)£180
Entreq Ertha Atlantis Grounding Cable RCA x 1.65m£550
Denon AHD-7100 Dynamic Headphones£200
Entreq Ertha Atlantis Grounding Cable RCA x 1.65m£550
Entreq Silver Tellus Grounding Box£795
PAB AVP amp platform (black)£360
Naim Rcom£325

Whilst we try to update this page as often as possible, occasionally some products will no longer be available. We apologise in advance if this inconvenience should occur.

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