I’ve not really written too much about the Vimberg Amea but that wasn’t really out of choice. Undercover of the pandemic in 2020 this wonderful standmount from the Tidal factory has been making some very serious impressions with Lotus customers. Like the Mino it is supremely natural and linear and just sounds so right. It’s a huge sound as well, don’t think you are limiting any single parameter because you are choosing a standmount.

I wanted to present few new of glowing reviews, they tell you about the product better than I could. At almost the same price as an Avalon Idea in velvetec finish, they represent a wonderful addition to our starting speaker lineup and they are sufficiently different from the Avalon to give customers a distinct choice.

Stereo Magaine Review

“The overall sound, in connection with first-class electronics and cabling, is out of this world, possesses superior ease and is effortlessly natural rather than spectacular. I have never heard anything like this from a standmount speaker.”

Parttimeaudiophile Review

“This is a beautifully made and meticulously engineered loudspeaker that needs to be evaluated and classified by one important criterion: sound quality. Is the price of this speaker justified by the sound quality? Big time. Do you need a big massive tower with a 12” woofer array to experience full-range sound in your listening room? I don’t. I can’t imagine needing anything that these “2-way bookshelf monitors” can’t supply.”