THRAX AUDIO, “Masterful Innovations”

Companies often evolve over their life times in a similar way to human persons and nowhere is this more true than in the domain of high end audio. The lifecycle of Thrax Audio, the daring and pioneering boutique outfit from Bulgaria is one I have been observing from a distance with great interest. Their first foray into high end Audio was in 2010 with the Dionysos preamplifier, roughly the same time that Lotus was born, and since then I have observed great technical ability aligned with that rare simultaneous accompaniment of high creativity and the compulsion to essentially not really be like anyone else.

Much in the same way that we brought Tidal to the UK in 2016, I firmly believe that this now is Thrax’s time. We know both from our friends in other markets and the energy and fervour at the factory that they are now steadily approaching their first zenith. New Mk2 and Mk3 derivations of their reference products put them squarely in the upper band of high end electronics. The new statement Libra and Spartacus 300 amplifiers however, place them comfortably in that very small exclusive club commonly known as ‘state of the art’. Just as compelling as far as the UK market is concerned though, is their new entry offerings the Ares and Enyo, compact and cost effective single box audiophile solutions containing amplifier, dac, streamer and phono stage. These value packed Integrateds now bring an accessibility to the marque that was previously missing. And then there is the very compact Yatrus turntable, we’ve been selling it for over a year already. It’s a stunning achievement in itself that gets mighty close to the £30,000 super decks we sell for a fraction of the cost.

“If the background is quiet the following sound appears louder and clearer. Anything different from the pitch-black background attracts your attention. Or if your hearing has adapted to a residual noise you start losing information (your brain does not pay attention to it). It is rather complex why we have all those artifacts in our precious music through the reproduction chain but it is immediately apparent when they are reduced, and simply amazing when they are almost gone.” Rumen Artaski

Rumen Artaski is very much an individual, a person who brings a great deal of original thought and singularity to the process of designing as well as exacting and uncompromising standards. This means a product portoflio that is as unique and special as it is high performing. He is also clearly a lateral and flexible thinker with exceptional problem solving skills and this means that Thrax have been able to successfully tackle a whole kaleidoscope of engineering problems. Much like Tidal Audio, whatever they turn their hands to, whether than be the machining of casework, high end electronics, transducers and loudspeakers, the complex problem of vinyl playback or the strange and often vexatious world of digital playback, the result is always nothing short of 5 stars out of 5. Very very few outfits exhibit this type of uniform success and it is true that many have tried and only managed to create a veritable ‘mixed bag’.

A satisfyingly simplistic and honest range of products spanning great breadth is a perfect match for Lotus. A boutique eastern european birthplace coupled with an uncomplicated supply chain, means fantastic value and extremely high performance for you the customer’s pounds. Hugely open and holographic, uncompressed, vivid and dynamic. Exceptional internal build and unsurpassed chassis and metal work quality. High on functionality, modernity and originality, Thrax will seduce your senses and bring you more even music than you were perhaps expecting.

Further Reading
“So far I simply haven’t stumbled upon electronics that could evoke such a unique musical impact as Kondo Audio Note Japan and Robert Koda can project. Thrax joins them with big pace and it seems that even transcend them at a few points.”
Matej Isak, MonoandStereo
“I submit that unless you have (and maybe even if you do) a seven-figure system, you can probably live happily ever after with the Thrax Yatrus. This table is killer good, and the Schroeder arm is one of the world’s finest.”
Jeff Dorgay, Tone Publications
“Dionysos received Mono & Stereo prestige upper echelon award and it was rated among the best preamplifiers on the market. If any other company would produce such preamp the price would be rocket high. Yet, Rumen Artarski choose really competitive and down to earth pricing for it.”
Matej Isak, MonoandStereo
“The sense of a person with a guitar playing 12 feet away in the room was just amazing. Over the next few hours whether it was jazz, orchestral or classic rock, i was just spellbound with the naturalness, ease, insight into the music and the emotional connection i made to all genres.” (Thrax Enyo modular audiophile system)

Kemper Holt, AV Showrooms
“Heros are not about power but about energy in motion. Its the effortless flow of music that makes Heros so darn warm hearted. You’ll get struck by the intimacy and limitless natural nuances when music is being played. Especially with live acoustical recorded music, where one can instantly find and hear the what makes amp performance so elevated.”
Matej Isak, MonoandStereo
“Ares is an amplifier for people who know what is important in life and who do not have to chase anything anymore, struggle with anything – or at least that is how they would like to live like.”
Wojciech Pacula,
“Rumen Artaski was right, the Thrax Audio is addictive and I need HELP because I am hooked. Yep, I pulled the trigger and purchased this review sample. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s that good a product. At $30k, It’s not inexpensive but the Teres hybrid mono amplifier brings so much to the table that, relative to other reference amplifiers in today’s market, it’s a bargain. They produced magic with every listen including a new reference of quiet, speed, and transparency. Timbre rightness coupled with color density and warmth is what ultimately won me over.”
Key Kim, Stereo Times