BOX FURNITURE CO, “hand crafted elegance from NYC”

We all live in real homes and most of us live with other people. Our systems need to meld naturally into our environments and also at the same time afford the system a high level of performance from proper structural support. Not all of us want to try and shoehorn an industrial oil rig into the corner our living space and not all of us want to spend 5 figures plus on expensive rack technologies. So allow me then to introduce you to Box Furniture all the way from Brooklyn Dockyard, NYC.

I have long had a weakness for a good naturalistic wooden rack and the offerings from Box are about as beautiful as I have seen. Their products are hand crafted in New York state from the highest quality materials using mortise and tenon joinery, solid wood timbers, multilayered laminate shelving and adhesive, and modern catalysed finishes. The handsome standard woods represent good value but more exotic finishes can be selected such as claro walnut, highly figured anigre and English sycamore, to make for a truly standout product. Every rack in the standard range comes fully assembled. The new economical modular range is assembled on delivery and is highly flexible and affordable whilst still retaining Box’s high attention to detail and classy optics.

Without sophisticated isolation techniques the inherent sound or colouration of a rack will be introduced into a system but the Box furniture is designed with extensive listening tests and attuned carefully to contribute only a small degree of character into the system and one which is very pleasing, flattering or even desriable. Equipment placed straight onto a Box rack sounds natural, neutral, alive and energetic. One can always add in stillpoint feet underneath units for further neutrality and performance.

Box are also extremely good when it comes to custom ordering. They are able to make any size or specification you like and also design and create completely unique pieces that are perhaps even more geared toward a piece of real furniture. Their portfolio includes some quite wonderful examples of units with inbuilt shelving, drawers or even record storage.

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