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With the embargo finally lifted, I am very excited to bring you news of what will undoubtedly be the biggest and most important new product this year. Take the highest performing Dac you know of, combine it with the very best streamer possible and then add a volume control which is as transparent as current know how allows. Discard all the power supplies, the clocks, the cables, the upsamplers, the mains leads; assemble it all in one very simple slimline chassis and retail it for a third or a quarter of the price that the three big name boxes plus [...]

19th June 2022|


Alan Sircom over at Hifi Plus magazine has reviewed the new entry Allnic H5500 and gave it a glowing report. Alan found the stage from South Korea gave a very natural sound with exceptional imaging and realism. He founding it very accomodating of even the worst types of recordings and, I quote, was "almost incapable of sounding bad". Read the full review over at Hifi Plus online. Allnic H5500 product page.

30th April 2022|


The home network has received a huge amount of attention over the past few years. It was the subject of my detailed article from November 2020 when we looked at the reasons why improving ones home network can bring about such huge sonic dividends. In that article, which you should read if you have not already done so, I surmised: “The home network has such a profound effect on sound quality that it should be viewed as another discrete component of the Hifi system, no different from say a preamplifier, a set of speaker cables or a phono stage. It [...]

30th April 2022|


Improving the home network is a very important area of the system that is receiving more and more attention. With more customers using streaming internet services as their primary source, noise floor and clean up gains in the incoming network feed are critical and often transcend the sort of price per performance ratios that we are accustomed to with electronic boxes. So the launch of a new flagship next generation dataswitch from Melco is significant and promises to raise the ceiling of many systems to a performance height previously unattainable. The S10 builds on the very successful [...]

5th April 2022|


An extra special Christmas. I’m very excited to announce Lotus as the exclusive UK agent for Thrax Audio for 2022 and beyond. Much in the same way that we brought Tidal to the UK in 2016, I firmly believe that this now is Thrax’s time. We know both from our friends in other markets and the energy and fervour at the factory that they are now steadily approaching their first zenith. New Mk2 and Mk3 derivations of their reference products put them squarely in the upper band of high end electronics. The new statement Libra and Spartacus [...]

24th December 2021|

Thrax Yatrus Turntable – “A New King”

Thrax's direct drive Yatrus Turntable, which we are huge admirers of, has received a superb review in Tone, penned by Jeff Dorgay. He was very impressed with the build and solidity of the deck and the individualist deisgn approach. On the sonics he greatly enjoyed the speed, texture and space that the deck served up and indeed it's high level of detail extraction. The full review can be found here. "I submit that unless you have (and maybe even if you do) a seven-figure system, you can probably live happily ever after with the Thrax Yatrus. This [...]

31st October 2021|

Tara Grand Master EVO USB – a new flagship

All year long our best USB cables, the £3250 Shunyata Omega and the £3000 Tara Labs Master USB have been doing the rounds with our customers. The USB cable makes such an enormous difference - as much as the speaker cables -  even in a relatively humble system, that we have been selling these incessantly all year. Much like a Shunyata mains conditioner, a top level USB cable is as good if not better than a box upgrade. Well now for those who have the means, there is a new King in town, Tara's claim to the title of best [...]

23rd October 2021|

NEW !!! – Allnic H5500 Phonostage

A year in isolation has thankfully produced some upsides. Allnic Audio have been busier than ever, not just fulfilling a singularly high excess of orders, but ramping up their R&D and spending extra time developing new products and improving existing ones. So 2021 will be a great year for Allnic lovers and especially for vinyl aficionados because we have no less than 3 new analogue treasures, the H5500 phono, H6500 phono and AUT-8000 Step Up to join a reworked T2000 30th Anniversary Integrated. The H5500 entry level phono preamp is all set to be the new biggest [...]

28th February 2021|


Marking our 10 year anniversary, we have launched our unique product guide. Historically one could only browse products by looking separately through each Brand through our "PORTFOLIO" menu. The new product guide however discusses each area of the hifi system in turn and gives an overview of every choice here at Lotus and the differences and reasons for each choice. It also is prefaced by a short history of Lotus, our philosophy and how we belive a system works and should be built. This is all accessible from the "PRODUCT GUIDE" section in the top menus of the website. I [...]

13th January 2021|


January 1st 2021. A new year, a whole new era for Lotus. As part of our 10 year anniversary, I am very excited to formally launch our brand new bespoke demonstration room. It has been a long wait and an awful lot of work and there are still a few finishing touches to finalise but right at the turn of the year, we are now fully operational and ready to invite customers for in-store demos. Building works began in September 2020 with a 2 month project that saw the original demo room extended out to the [...]

1st January 2021|