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I've not really written too much about the Vimberg Amea but that wasn't really out of choice. Undercover of the pandemic in 2020 this wonderful standmount from the Tidal factory has been making some very serious impressions with Lotus customers. Like the Mino it is supremely natural and linear and just sounds so right. It's a huge sound as well, don't think you are limiting any single parameter because you are choosing a standmount. I wanted to present few new of glowing reviews, they tell you about the product better than I could. At almost the same price [...]

23rd November 2020|

Lotus 10th Anniversary – NEO & BOX

December 2020, marking our 10 year anniversary, Lotus Hifi ends a difficult and singular year with the largest investment and expansion period seen so far in our entire history. We are thrilled and excited to announce the addition of two new moving coil cartridge brands, two new manufacturers of audio furniture, no less than four new brands of room acoustic products and one flagship ‘sky’s the limit’ Loudspeaker manufacturer to join Avalon and Tidal. As if that wasn’t enough, before the year closes we will be launching our new bespoke demonstration room, newly enlarged, remodelled and acoustically designed from the [...]

21st November 2020|


The famed Brinkmann "Hewn from Granite" build quality (or perhaps more literally 'Sat on Granite") is mirrored very convincingly in the company's stability, commercial image and general trustworthiness. Some hifi brands are side curiosities or second or third businesses. Some brands are pure moneyspinning ventures, lots of carbon fibre and gold but a veritable dogs dinner when you take off the lid. And a few brands are run by fairly impossible people; personalities or politics that have evolved to a point where you simply could not even begin to attempt to run a reputable shop around such a [...]

14th November 2020|

Tara Labs releases USB line

As many of you will know the USB cable makes an enormous difference. We put it just behind the speaker cables in terms of how much effect it has for many digital systems. So I am very excited to say that Tara Labs have finally completed their product range in this arena. Demos to start right away and I fully expect both the Master Evo and the Grand Master to set new performance benchmarks of the like not experienced before here in my demo room. "Ever since USB cable technology entered the high-end audio marketplace, TARA Labs [...]

14th October 2020|

The Tidal PRISMA forces a new Award system !

Parttimeaudiophile were so bowled over by the Tidal PRISMA preamp that it forced them to revise their Awards system !   "The team talked about what to do with a product like the TIDAL Audio Prisma. In fact, it was so good, it exposed a rather large hole in our award system. .. occasionally, we get a product in for review that not only amazes, it redefines for the review team what greatness means. What terms like “statement” and “reference” mean. Experiences like this reset the expectations for what is possible. These are, we believe, aspirational-level products. They’re [...]

28th July 2020|


The Absolute Sound have reviewed the TIDAL Prisma preamp and Ferios mono  amps. We could not have hoped for a better and more glowing report. Read the full review HERE.   "It’s become a cliché for high-end audio manufacturers to claim that their products are so transparent that they 'faithfully communicate the artist’s expression.' Although many designers aspire to this lofty ideal (or proclaim to), very few actually realize electronics that are truly transparent, or as transparent as today’s components can be. To be sure, there are many great-sounding preamplifiers and power amplifiers, but all have a particular [...]

22nd July 2020|


We never stop surveying the marketplace and investigating the latest innovations, bringing you standout products oozing with class, which offer considerable value and which fit perfectly into the Lotus folio and the natural highend sound we are known for. Summer 2020 with Covid19 on the wane, we are now very excited to bring to you a beautiful new direct drive turntable in the mid price category. The Yatrus is made by the highly respected boutique manufacturer Thrax headed up by Rumen Atarski and based over in Sofia, Bulgaria. We already work with Rumen as he was the genesis [...]

2nd July 2020|

Allnic L10000 reviewed by Image Hifi

"Obviously its incomparably purist signal path, with no capacitors or transformers in the output, combined with its ability to deliver immense power reserves from its four 300B valves, and finally the unique volume pot, provides a far better signal than anyother preamp I've tried." Uwe Kirbach has posted an excellent review of the Allnic flagship L10000 OTL/OCL linestage in "Image Hifi" Read the full review here. "With his OTL/OCL-Line preamp Allnic L-10000, Kang Su Park has raised the bar for preamps a little bit further. For me, he has become one of the great developers of [...]

10th June 2020|

Vitus update the RI-101 to Mk2

Vitus has updated the RI-101 Integrated amplifier to mk2 specification. It was updated to the RI-101 2 years ago now and yes, as a pretty much peerless product, it hardly needed further improvement but a new advanced knowledge base garnered from the development of the linestage module and power supply of the flagship SIA-030 Integrated amplifier meant that Vitus was duty bound to implement this new know how into the baby of the range. The mk2 upgrade affords the unit a sizeable sonic upgrade, somewhat larger than the RI-100 to RI-101 jump was, and there is an associated [...]

6th May 2020|

Allnic H1202 reviewed by AUDIOBEAT

" I loved the Allnic H-1202. Its performance was exemplary whether set to MC or MM. Either setting brought about immensely enjoyable, prolonged listening sessions. The H-1202 handled every recording I played with authority, richness and musicality -- all layered upon backgrounds as dark and deep as a clear, starless night sky. With every LP I found myself smiling and taking a deep breath, reveling in just how good and satisfying vinyl could sound." Guy Lemcoe has penned a superb review of the £3250 venerable Allnic H1202 Phonostage, successor to the long running H1202 now with tubed [...]

6th April 2020|