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Writings about Vinyl reproduction from Lotus Hifi

Life after the Linn LP12 SE ?

Like my original Naim to Vitus writings, the LP12SE to Brinkmann Bardo upgrade path has become so commonplace here at Lotus that I felt it was finally time to sit down and explain it all in detail. Many LP12 owners with the Keel and Radikal have been stuck at an upgrade dead end for some years now. Whilst having fun with small additions like the various third party top plates, counterweights and bearing modifications does bring about additional worthy improvements within the performance sphere of the Linn, the truth is that moving into the very cheapest deck we sell here [...]

13th April 2019|

The new Allnic H1202 Phono

The entry level Allnic H1201 phono stage has always been one of the biggest selling units here at Lotus. I'm probably past 100 units now for numbers sold, who knows for sure, it's a big amount though. The baby phono from Kang Su Park just sounds so right and natural in almost every system that rarely did it ever come back returned from home demo or indeed find itself beaten by another rival product. A little like Mr. Vitus and his recently improved RI-101 amplifier, the H1201 never really needed improving at it's pricepoint and still offered performance that made [...]

27th December 2018|


As a dealer you work with good equipment day in day out. It's actually easy to become a bit blasé about good sounding products and even many things we trial but reject from selling are still great performers with impressive characteristics, sonically or otherwise. Once in a while though, something comes along that makes even a seasoned highend dealer stop and scratch his head in amazement. The Dohmann Helix is such a product and it's got me so excited that I wanted to get pen to paper the instant I took delivery of our demo unit earlier this [...]

18th March 2018|

Brinkmann’s Belt Drive SPYDER

We do very well with the Brinkmann decks here at Lotus. They sell at a strong steady pace and owners are always delighted with what is a very staunch reliable product. Stability of the product, the company and the UK distribution is a major part of the appeal as is of course, the superb performance that they offer. Whilst the keenly priced Bardo is the biggest seller here (what other deck can genuinely perform as high as a Bardo for under £5000) we should not neglect Helmut's most recent creation, the belt drive multi-arm Spyder which at £7996, sits neatly [...]

15th September 2017|

The LINN LP12 – into the Highend league

The Linn Sondek LP12 has been there all of our adult lives. A hugely lovable legend in its own right it is also a deck that has evolved steadily through the decades. The last time I personally owned one was way back in 1991 when it was looked after by Chris Thomas from Audio Venue in Crystal Palace. Back in those days he (along with Derek Jenkins) was the very best person in the country at setting one up. Since then of course through the earlier days of Lotus Hifi I have literally sold hundreds of them secondhand, [...]

1st May 2017|


Let's take a good close look at the direct drive OASIS. The table comes extremely well packaged in one large box with a ton of accessories, tools, a microfibre cloth, gloves, a speed measuring disc and pretty much everything you need to get up and running. If you've ordered an accompanying Tonearm then it will be shipped fitted. The deck also has a very useful elasticated cover around its entire plinth which protects it from any rubbing. Installation is very simple. The deck needs to be levelled like any other and this is simply achieved with the [...]

26th February 2015|


BARDO £4,895/£5695 The skeletal Bardo is Helmut Brinkmann's entry turntable and a direct drive deck. The Bardo was preceeded by the Oasis and developed as a simplified, more affordable variant with an acrylic topped platter and no plinth. It has an outboard power supply and an integral tonearm base and armboard. The Bardo has very high resolution, an extremely neutral and even handed sound and not really much of its own character to taint the signal. As a direct drive deck, pitch stability and coherency is a major strength as is the precision, speed and [...]

24th February 2015|


Please excuse my slightly sugary sense of enthusiasm but I have had a fabulous days listening with this new piece. It seems odd to talk in terms of upgrading the H3000V phono stage but what KS Park's HA3000 active Nuvistor head amp does is nothing short of incredible. I was expecting a moderate but detectable increase in all the usual hifi properties - resolution, speed, space, depth, purity, timing, coherency, solidity - and you do get all of that, but in a bigger dose than I could have imgained. What that doesn't tell you though is more about the [...]

28th May 2013|


The other afternoon I spent some very interesting time in the company of Jason Hector. Some of you may remember Jason from when he was a well known reviewer for Hifi Plus magazine. These days he runs a very nice Well tempered system with the Amadeus turntable, XV1-s cartridge, Dynavector amps and Shahinian Obelisk 2 speakers. This is a nice little system I know well and one that has gained a lot of traction over the last few years here in the UK courtesy of Pear Audio. It's a cohesive balanced marriage that works well, has a low box [...]

16th May 2013|