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Writings about Tidal Audio from Lotus Hifi


Information on this new exciting amplifier from Tidal has been a little scarce, in part because of the singular events of 2020, but the truth is we have been quietly retailing and fulfilling orders on the Intra for almost a year now. Our demo arrived way back last Spring. So what's the headline ? Well the very clever team from Koln in Germany have essentially upgraded and redesigned the outgoing Impulse with a product that is not only sonically better, but much more geared toward common audiophile trends and wishlists, and at the same time, sports an impressive [...]

5th April 2021|

Unchartered waters – the Tidal Prisma

If you’ve ever spent any reasonable amount of time with me, either on the phone or in person, you will have no doubt detected to some degree my profound love of Tidal Audio. Back up a moment though because I actually have tremendous passion for all the brands and products I sell. I hand pick pretty much every item in my shop window right to the level of the range of a particular product of a particular manufacturer. If something is a dud in the range or does not quite mate with the Lotus way of system building then I [...]

26th May 2020|


In the Summer of this year I had the pleasure of visiting the Tidal factory. We do pop in to periodically to keep abreast of things but this time was rather special because firstly we were set to investigate and gloat over the newly launched Vimberg brand of loudspeakers and secondly, the team have just finished a sizeable factory expansion with the launch of a stunning brand new demonstration room. Whilst the electronics assembly and R&D has always been off site at a different location, the speaker manufacturing and assembly was always located on the ground floor at [...]

4th September 2018|


I had an illuminating conversation with a customer of mine the other day. So key was it's message that I thought it might be a good idea to write an article around it. This particular customer of mine has a great system with me. We moved him into Vitus amplification around 3 years ago and then soon after that we upgraded his Notts Analogue deck to a Brinkmann Balance with Transfiguration Proteus moving coil. An Allnic phonostage and some TelluriumQ wires complete the picture as far as Lotus is concerned. At the business end though, he has left his [...]

1st March 2018|


The Vitus SCD-025 (or SD-025 without transport) is our biggest seller here as far as digital sources go. Since it was upgraded to MK2 form in 2016 it was very much the equal of the somewhat 'long in the tooth' £25,000 Vitus Masterpiece DAC which is now being revised. Ballsy, weighty, organic, deliciously tactile and intimate, very few people can resist an SCD once fully warmed up. True, there are slightly more resolving DAC's out there like the Vivaldi from DCS, the MSB reference etc. but apart from being some £50,000/£60,000 cheaper, what the SCD loses out in the [...]

9th February 2018|


With just 7 months under our belt since we launched Tidal here in the UK, myself, importers Kog Audio and the factory in Germany could not be more pleased with the beginnings and early progress that's been made. The reaction from customers in shop and home demos has been everything we expected and hoped for and more. Things will continue to move fast in the world of Tidal. We have recently had news of several imminent new products which will be released at the Munich show in Spring 2017 so stay tuned for a number of really [...]

13th December 2016|


In the last few years I have witnessed a very strong trend towards simplification in this great hobby of ours. People want far fewer boxes, less wires, less clutter and a system that just takes up a much smaller amount of real estate. The reason ? Well I suspect it’s partly because the way we live is fundamentally changing. In 2016 the lounge is for many, a veritable feast of entertainment, 50” plasmas, bluray collections, netflix, ipads, Xboxes, Call of Duty multiplayer; the age of the dedicated listening room is now no longer quite so appropriate . The other major [...]

17th August 2016|


In March and April we had the very first UK Tidal sales. The intial demo pieces were loaned out and demonstrated from as early as February and we couldn't have asked from a better response from real customers in their real living spaces. It's not everyday that in excess of £85,000 worth of equipment gets purchased and delivered and there is quite a lot involved in moving 280kg+ of kit around so here is a pictorial insight into one these early installs to a very good Lotus Customer. Whilst the entry Piano speakers come [...]

5th May 2016|


Mention TIDAL AUDIO and many people will first think of Loudspeakers but the truth is that their electronics are at least the equal of the speakers in terms of performance, build and finish. The PREOS is such a unique and special piece and will represent such a major entry point to the brand for many people that it seems fitting to appoint it as the subject of my very first Tidal blog. Customers who are familiar with my blogs will know that I try my utmost to tell it how it is. I am not given to hyperbole or [...]

4th May 2016|


I am hugely excited to bring you something completely unique and exclusive to UK shores, the culmination of several years of meticulous planning and negotiation, a fortuitous 'aligning of the planets' and certainly the single largest investment LOTUS HIFI has ever made. From Koln in Germany, I present  the exquisite, impassioned, profound world of Jörn Janczak - an industry Holy Grail, my own personal sonic reference, a brand which I have coveted for many many years. In partnership with distributors Kog Audio, I am immensely proud to announce LOTUS HIFI as the exclusive sole retailer in the [...]

4th May 2016|