Project Description

VITUS RD-101 DAC/Streamer, £12000

The RD is Vitus’s standalone reference level DAC with a plethora of digital inputs and Vitus’s ethernet input, streaming board using the Mconnect app and single ended and balance output.

After the quite wonderful slot in DAC modules found in the RI and SIA-030 Integrated amps, the RD is the first proper DAC with it’s own chassis and power supply and replaced the previous generation RD-100 Dac/preamp.

This is a digital source that posesses all the hallmark qualities we have come to expect from this Danish brand, a musically rich and harmonic sound that is gloriously free from any sense of glare, harshness or ‘electronic’ quality. It is effortlessly organic, balanced and flowing but unlike the previous Vitus digital of yesteryear, is imbued with a new sense of flamboyance and unfettered dynamics. The RD is upbeat, extrovert yet still unforced, and every performance is one that will leave its mark. One of my favourite units that they make.

1 x USB input
1 x Toslink optical input
2 x RCA SPDIF inputs
2 x AES SPDIF inputs
1 x RCA analog input
1 x XLR analog input
1 x RCA analog output
1 x XLR analog output.

Masterclock Module
USB – Recieved module
SPDIF – Reciever module
Sample Rate
Converter module
D/A Converter module
I/V Converter module (1 per channel)
Analog Stage module (1 per channel)