Vitus has updated the RI-101 Integrated amplifier to mk2 specification. It was updated to the RI-101 2 years ago now and yes, as a pretty much peerless product, it hardly needed further improvement but a new advanced knowledge base garnered from the development of the linestage module and power supply of the flagship SIA-030 Integrated amplifier meant that Vitus was duty bound to implement this new know how into the baby of the range.

The mk2 upgrade affords the unit a sizeable sonic upgrade, somewhat larger than the RI-100 to RI-101 jump was, and there is an associated price increase from £11,800 to £13,600 (or £16,600 with integrated streamer/Dac). Owners of the older RI-100 can upgrade at a cost of £5000 for effectively a enormous ‘double upgrade’ and owners of RI-101 will also be able to upgrade to mk2 specification at an attractive cost. As ever Vitus looks after owners and investors in the brand. Prices of the mk1-2 upgrade to be announced very soon.

Please stay tuned for a full Lotus review on the sonic properties of this new Mk2.