The home network has received a huge amount of attention over the past few years. It was the subject of my detailed article from November 2020 when we looked at the reasons why improving ones home network can bring about such huge sonic dividends. In that article, which you should read if you have not already done so, I surmised:

“The home network has such a profound effect on sound quality that it should be viewed as another discrete component of the Hifi system, no different from say a preamplifier, a set of speaker cables or a phono stage. It should be considered and thought about, optimised and upgraded in step with the rest of the system. Most people generally like to buy amplifiers more than any other component but your network will likely give a bigger sonic upgrade for a fraction of the expenditure”, Lotus Hifi

Optimising the network is important even if you just play computer wav files stored locally but as you might expect, it’s even more pertinent if you are using music streaming services such as Tidal and Qobuz. We now advise customers who use streaming services a lot to optimise the incoming feed into the DAC as much as budget will allow and give priority to these upgrades over almost every other part of the system. Remember the system is only as good as the actual feed of music going into the DAC so ignoring this area is like spending tens of thousands on a record deck, cartridge, phonostage, amp and speakeras but never buying a simply record cleaning machine for a relatively small outlay. If you have never used one they make an enormous difference.

ADOT’s optical fibre uprade kit is the latest addition to our arsenal of network optimisation weaponary. The brains of this new company (‘Audiophile Digital Optical Technology’) are the same people behind Melco. We already have many customers using our excellent Shunyata ethernet cables and audiophile switches from Melco and Entreq but the Adot kit is arguably even more cost effective than those upgrades and should definitely be layered on top for maximum performance.

The ADOT fibre kit converts the incoming signal to optical for a short run before it get’s fed back into your router or DAC. This in effect breaks the electrical chain and isolates the hifi system from any conducted interference and noise. An even cleaner signal means greater naturalness, better dynamics, clarity and purity. First customer reports here at Lotus have been overwhelmingly positive. It’s a no brainer upgrade at small money relative to what it brings to the party.

There are various configurations of the kit but we generally advise the flagship £999 MC03 kit bundled with the high quality Plixir linear power supply to power the ethernet to optical converter. If you already employ a high quality switch like the Melco S100 then the optical feed can be connected straight into the switch, if not you can purchase a second MC01 to convert back to ethernet.

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