I am extremely proud to document the first ever UK delivery of a pair of gorgeous Vimberg speakers, the new offshoot brand from the Ultra highend German company “Tidal Audio”.

Available at Lotus Hifi as of now, the Vimberg Mino, starting at £23,000 for the ceramic tweeter version, will provide over 95% of the clarity, purity, transparency and sheer invisibility that we know and expect from a Tidal loudspeaker, but at less than 50% of the price. A huge sound and simply so much speaker for the money. The highest levels of openess and transparency but, like a Tidal, still effortlessly liquid and natural to listen to.

The Mino will fill all but the very largest of typical UK listening rooms but for those who want the ultimate in cabinet size, weight, scale and depth, there is the larger Vimberg Tonda with three 190mm woofers (cf. 168mm).

Accuton drivers, Mundorf and Dueland crossover components, Argento pure silver binding posts, Tidal’s legendary cabinet technology, there are zero compromises inside a Vimberg. Everyone who has written about the new Vimberg line has pronounced that this a new benchmark for value in terms of highend speakers.

The first ever UK pair of Vimberg Minos in gleaming Summit White and with optional 30mm Diamond tweeter were delivered to a Victorian house in London’s Chelsea. Because of the size of London Victorian terrace houses the install was a challenge. Not only must this room double as an occasional bedroom but it is small and narrow in size and has a window where the equipment must live.

Remarkably, the Minos in their white finish blended in beautifully with the white decor and really didn’t look too large at all. Even straight out of the box they gave a wonderfully natural and balanced sound with no impression of speaker, drivers or cabinet. The room gave no noticeable bass boom and we don’t even think this fairly minimalist space will need any acoustic treatments of any sort. As much as anything, this is down to the amazing control and bass quality the Vimberg posess, as well as the extreme refinement and purity of the customer’s Tidal electronics.

Vimberg was definitely the most exciting thing to happen here at Lotus in 2018. I simply can’t wait to get more customers in front of both Mino and Tonda and more generally we anticipate very big things for the brand here in the UK and plan to appoint a few select dealers as additional custodians and ambassadors.


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