Finding a third Loudspeaker to retail alongside Tidal Audio and Avalon Acoustics is no easy feat. In fact, so difficult is the task of designing a truly linear, neutral and natural transducer that I had almost given up on the idea, until that is, I opened up dialogue with Rockport Technologies early in 2020 at the start of the pandemic. As a longstanding admirer I approached them uninvited and as it happened my timing couldn’t have been better because they had been recently pondering on perhaps taking a fresh look at their position in the UK marketplace and our intial fruitful conversations together helped spur them on. Some 8 months on from that and now we have a newly selected UK distibutor, a very robust strategy for the UK and Lotus Hifi as the first appointed UK dealer under this new paradigm.

For Lotus, Rockport Technologies mirror every value that we consider sacred. They use the finest materials and components, they design and manufacture free from financial or marketing pressures and are highly professional in every single aspect of their being and modus operandi. Perhaps above all else though, their speakers sound natural and this is really what is so difficult. Customers think they want lots of detail and resolution and want to be sonically showboated but at the highest level of this hobby you really are paying for greater and greater levels of naturalness or ‘absence of hifi’. By my reckoning, Rockport have this most difficult of aspirations completely sewn up. We are hugely excited and proud to showcase their wonderful products here in our demonstration room.

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