Parttimeaudiophile were so bowled over by the Tidal PRISMA preamp that it forced them to revise their Awards system !


“The team talked about what to do with a product like the TIDAL Audio Prisma. In fact, it was so good, it exposed a rather large hole in our award system.

.. occasionally, we get a product in for review that not only amazes, it redefines for the review team what greatness means. What terms like “statement” and “reference” mean. Experiences like this reset the expectations for what is possible. These are, we believe, aspirational-level products. They’re likely not inexpensive — “End Game” products rarely are — and while that’s lamentable, that’s just life. “

“It’s easy to see why a lot of highly regarded hi-fi playback equipment unintentionally (or intentionally) has certain colorations that many find to be a pleasing or even an essential part of the listening experience. But what about gear designed to be as transparent as possible? Can clean be emotionally engaging? After hearing the TIDAL Audio Prisma, I’d have to say that an almost total lack of coloration is MORE engaging.”


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