Project Description

June 2022,

“We are proud to announce a new TIDAL masterpiece: the TIDAL Contros. This is the first TIDAL masterpiece directly benefitting from the ultra-exclusive TIDAL for Bugatti project and its MC-1 controller as basically a synergy-scaled version. The TIDAL Contros combines core technologies from the Camira, Arkas and Prisma within one cabinet. All it needs is power, ethernet, then connection to a power amp and it’s ready to perform at TIDAL reference level, to simplify the listening experience without compromising.”

Lotus comments:

“Take the highest performing Dac you know of, combine it with the very best streamer possible (Taiko SGM/Pink Faun/Pachanko level) and then add a true non-digital volume control which is as transparent as current know how allows. Discard all the power supplies, the clocks, the cables, the upsamplers, the mains leads; assemble it all in one very simple slimline chassis and retail it for a third or a quarter of the price that the three big name boxes plus plethora of cables would cost you. Attach a power amp and a network cable and finally of course, imbue it with Tidal’s famed sense of naturalness and ease.

Contros is the first Tidal product to be born from the fruits of the exclusive, no limits “Tidal for Bugatti project”. By shortening and removing all interconnections, all socketry, all analogue & digital pathways and USB interfaces, Tidal have moved the quest for the ultimate digital source into a whole new direction. No, really – and I don’t say this lightly – Contros is a new level of sonic purity for me and most likely the most special piece of electronics they have made to date. An Arkas streamer melded directly to a Camira DAC with a quieter power supply than both and the purest i2s pathway. Put Contros through any preamp in the world, and it will only sound less transparent, simply because the Contros volume is performed directly in the R2R network without touching the actual signal.
Our initial allocation was sold out long before the units official launch in June 2022 or indeed the Munich hi-fi show in May 2022, and we have had to pause all orders until we receive our next batch. High end continues to evolve at a startling rate but thankfully for us, this advancement allows systems to become simpler and smaller and more inconspicuous and manageable in our homes rather than the other way round. As ever, simply call or email to arrange a demonstration of the new Tidal Contros.”



  • TIDAL Contros: volume controlled digital-to-music converter with streaming unit and 4 digital inputs
  • pure discrete designed 32-bit non-oversampling 8xR2R ladder DAC without pre-ringing and post-ringing
  • lossless volume control: the signal output level is directly adjusted inside the ladder DAC – via a galvanically separated potentiometer from the outside (motor driven to be remote controlled as well)
  • proprietary ASRT² Analog Signal Remediation Technology: Field Programmable Gate Array for most precise timing correlation between left and right channel incl. timing correction and audio signal remediation processing (target-interpolation TIDAL algorithm)
  • every function-module in the TIDAL Contros has its own voltage supply, separated for each channel, left and right, such as for the amplification, the DAC, the PCM-unit, the streaming module and other parts. All together 22 ultra low noise voltage supplies
  • 3 x low noise ring-core transformers with foil-shielding to avoid interference current between primary/analogue/digital-audio
  • overall capacity >300.000µF with 180 ultra fast charging organic capacitors
  • copper-silver cable with 3 layers constrained damping shielding (power input to transformers – the only cabling inside)
  • 3 x SPDIF in: coaxial RCA, AES XLR, optical
  • 1 x proprietary TIDAL-link input interface with high speed low voltage differential signal driver/receiver: for TIDAL Arkas streamer and TIDAL devices to come in the near future
  • 0,01% tolerance precision resistors, ultralow-ESR organic capacitors
  • femto clock ultra-low noise oscillator (-169 dB)
  • fully discrete Class-A output amplifier, balanced output concept without any sound-changing inverted signal generation (like with transformer outputs)
  • music data streaming input: LAN ethernet (1000 BASE-T), USB storage/hard disk (single partition FAT32, NTFS, exFAT, EXT2/3)
  • multi clock system for utmost precision in timing, MQA decoding, DSD over PCM support
  • UPnP AV protocol with audio streaming extension, gapless playback
  • supported formats: DSF (DSD), DFF (DSD), DoP (DSD), FLAC, ALAC, WAV, AIFF, MQA, MP3, AAC (M4A)
  • native support for Tidal music streaming, Qobuz music streaming, MQA, Apple AirPlay, TuneIn internet radio, Spotify Connect, Tidal Connect music streaming
  • Dimensions: 44cm x 13cm x 39cm / 17.3″ x 5.1″ x 15.3″ (width x height x length)
  • Weight: 36 lbs. / 16,6 kg
TIDAL CONTROSDigital control system£56,000