All year long our best USB cables, the £3250 Shunyata Omega and the £3000 Tara Labs Master USB have been doing the rounds with our customers. The USB cable makes such an enormous difference – as much as the speaker cables –  even in a relatively humble system, that we have been selling these incessantly all year. Much like a Shunyata mains conditioner, a top level USB cable is as good if not better than a box upgrade.

Well now for those who have the means, there is a new King in town, Tara’s claim to the title of best USB cable in the world, the £5295 Grand Master EVO. Beautifully constructed with it’s own HFX grounding box, it is now on demo and sale here at Lotus and has already started generating orders. Just get in touch for a trial.

Interestingly, we were selected by Tara Labs as taking delivery of the prototype and were entrusted to trial it here and also trial it in real world systems by some of our customers. I asked them to provide feedback to both myself and Tara Labs so I will leave you here with two such user reviews:


“Tara Labs Grand Master USB cable – first impressions.

My first assertion regarding USB cables is the high level of importance and priority that should be given to this much overlooked cable in the digital music reproduction chain. A dealer worth his/ her credibility should provide this guidance which is exactly what Lotus HiFi did once I had stabilised my overall system.

The opportunity to try new cables without obligation is one of privilege. My existing USB cable is from a top end German manufacturer and costs around £2,000 and is very musical and natural sounding, albeit limited by its level of resolution and imaging.

By contrast, the Tara Labs Grand Master USB cable epitomises all the properties of my existing cable with a material uplift in resolution, frequency range (tight lows to crisp highs), to pin point imaging and supreme improvement in soundstage – depth and width. Most of all, the GM USB cable produced a natural, musical and unfatiguing sound straight out of the box which improved notably after circa 50 hours – an outstanding cable that has extracted an additional synergy from the existing Tara Labs Muse XLR and Muse speaker cables in my system. At its price point, the GM USB cable is unparalleled and beautifully engineered, like all TL cables, with its ground box.

G N Nunes”

“Hi Richard

Having been in Covid isolation all week it has been a perfect opportunity for me to spend time comparing and enjoying the trial version of Tara’s Grand Master EVO USB lead. I thought I’d drop you a mail regarding it whilst it is all clear and fresh for me.

My comments need to be taken in context that I am currently using Tara’s incumbent ‘best’ USB lead, the Master.

I have really enjoyed the Grand Master, finding it to be more dynamic with clearer definition. Overall it gave the music an even greater air of reality and integrity (very Tara). Tracks sounded more solid and less shouty but thats not to say they lost vibrancy or liveliness, indeed I would say they had more fizz and energy as a result of the increased drive and dynamics. I felt the biggest gains were in the all important midrange areas with voices, ambience and most instruments gaining reality. I wouldn’t say the bass increased or got deeper but it was more solid and grounded, again adding to the increase in drive of the music.

I felt that the cable offered subtle improvements in all areas that added together to give a wholly more real, integrated and enjoyable presentation, I was surprised that this was possible given the Master as a base line! Each time I swapped back to the Master it felt a regressive move despite that cables’ proven ability. Obviously subject to price I would expect Tara to have a very sellable product in the Grand Master.

Hopefully you don’t want the sample back anytime soon!!

R. Cornes”