As many of you will know the USB cable makes an enormous difference. We put it just behind the speaker cables in terms of how much effect it has for many digital systems. So I am very excited to say that Tara Labs have finally completed their product range in this arena. Demos to start right away and I fully expect both the Master Evo and the Grand Master to set new performance benchmarks of the like not experienced before here in my demo room.

“Ever since USB cable technology entered the high-end audio marketplace, TARA Labs design team has been working on a USB cable design that would make a difference in the sound performance of an audio system. Not just a date transmission cable, but a high-end audio cable with analog characteristics. An audio cable that brings a whole new level of musicality to a 2-channel or near-field audio system. We did not rush into this marketplace just to capitalize on a new area of high-end audio.

We worked hard to design a USB cable that would be the absolute very best in the world. And we have, and here they are! As with all TARA Labs cables, when we introduce a new product, it is imperative that we maintain our reputation as the company that hand-crafts the best high-end audio cables in the world! A company that has won more reviewer awards, accolades and positive reviews in over thirty-four years, and more than any other cable manufacturer in the world. So after years of technological designs and continuous testing, we came up with the very best high-end audio USB cables in the world.

Introducing…. The Artist, and The Master with EVO Ground Station System USB high-end audio cables. In November 2020 we will be introducing our newest top of the line extreme high-end USB cable: The Grand Master Evolution USB.”

See the full TARA LABS product page here.