We never stop surveying the marketplace and investigating the latest innovations, bringing you standout products oozing with class, which offer considerable value and which fit perfectly into the Lotus folio and the natural highend sound we are known for. Summer 2020 with Covid19 on the wane, we are now very excited to bring to you a beautiful new direct drive turntable in the mid price category.

The Yatrus is made by the highly respected boutique manufacturer Thrax headed up by Rumen Atarski and based over in Sofia, Bulgaria. We already work with Rumen as he was the genesis behind the creation of the Dohmann line of super decks sold elsewhere on the Lotus website. As well as our existing partnership, the Thrax electronics themselves are very well established in highend circles and extremely well regarded too, so that was another reason for my interest to be piqued so strongly back in Munich 2019 when we first spied this deck in the Vitus exhibition room.

The Yatrus is Rumen’s exceptionally clean and neat assault of the problem of making a disc spin round at the perfect speed whilst  minimising all interference to the stylus groove interface. It uses a new cogless motor of German origin with an integrated bearing, an all aluminium chassis specially bonded from layers, a multilayered platter with exceptional damping properties and an ultra low resonance adjustable suspension system making it truly home and even furniture friendly.

Like most goodies in the Lotus folio, the Yatrus has performance to spare at it’s pricepoint. Extra quiet, explosive dynamics and fabulous texture and harmonic saturation. It’s an honest giant killer especially when paired with the cost effective Schroder tonearm and it really is not so far behind our £20-£30,000 Turntables as you might imagine.

Sonics isn’t the whole picture of course and the Yatrus scores very highly elsewhere too. It is compact, fully integrated into one single simple piece, completely maintenance free and exceptionally handsome too. Direct drive also happens to be my personal preferred drive system until you get to the very best belts. Overall then, a very natural choice for Lotus.

Read more on the Thrax Yatrus product page.