An extra special Christmas. I’m very excited to announce Lotus as the exclusive UK agent for Thrax Audio for 2022 and beyond. Much in the same way that we brought Tidal to the UK in 2016, I firmly believe that this now is Thrax’s time.

We know both from our friends in other markets and the energy and fervour at the factory that they are now steadily approaching their first zenith. New Mk2 and Mk3 derivations of their reference products put them squarely in the upper band of high end electronics. The new statement Libra and Spartacus 300 amplifiers however, place them comfortably in that very small exclusive club commonly known as ‘state of the art’. Just as compelling as far as the UK market is concerned though, is their new entry offerings the Ares and Enyo, compact and cost effective single box audiophile solutions containing amplifier, dac, streamer and phono stage. These value packed Integrateds now bring an accessibility to the marque that was previously missing. And then there is the very compact Yatrus turntable, we’ve been selling it for over a year already. It’s a stunning achievement in itself that gets mighty close to the £35,000+ super decks we sell for a fraction of the cost.

A satisfyingly simplistic and honest range of products spanning great breadth is a perfect match for Lotus. A boutique eastern european birthplace coupled with an uncomplicated supply chain, means fantastic value and extremely high performance for you the customer’s pounds. Hugely open and holographic, uncompressed, vivid and dynamic. Exceptional internal build and unsurpassed chassis and metal work quality. High on functionality, modernity and originality, Thrax will seduce your senses and bring you even more music than you were perhaps expecting.

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