I am very excited to share the news of TIDAL for Bugatti. A new chapter for Tidal Audio and the start of an enthralling new partnership of two likeminded state of the art companies.

“A new sound from Bugatti. A new chapter of exclusive performance lifestyle has arrived, with an exclusive range of products that are as multi-sensory as our top-of-the-range hyper sports cars. These incredible objects are meticulously designed and hand-made for the ultimate emotional experience at your home. We enter new spheres for music lovers and luxury design enthusiasts, with a new era inspired by Bugatti’s unmatched masterpieces and brand heritage which combine industry-leading performance with exquisite design.”

“We just have sealed a multiyear partnership with TIDAL-Audio, a leading manufacturer of high-end audio equipment that shares our vision and philosophy of always striving for perfection. Together, we aim to set a category benchmark for effort, design, and uncompromised execution.”

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“More than two decades after founding TIDAL-Audio in the year 1999 we start herewith a new chapter in our successful journey. We are proud to share our newly established partnership with one of the most prestigious brands in the luxury and technology segment in the market – worldwide famous for performance and exclusivity in its own stratospheric heights: BUGATTI.
Both companies are united in a shared philosophy – to strive for perfection without limits in order to perform with exceptional effort and uncompromising spirit.”

“This cooperation and project are a significant quantum step up from everything we have built before, designed to establish in every possible way a new category of music systems for  your home. Expressed in immaculate execution in every little detail and embossed in a polished stainless-steel plaque on all these masterpieces with an engraving as simple as it explains it all perfectly: TIDAL for BUGATTI. A piece of art on its own which takes it timeless spot in your living environment as an unique center of gravity bringing joy to all your senses for many years to come.”

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