January 2020, Tidal Audio release the long awaited Prisma fully balanced preamplifier. The Prisma, teased at Munich 2019, is a slim single chassis preamplifier with an internal MC phonostage. It is designed to bridge the gap between the company’s entry level Preos preamplifier/Dac and the statement electronics. Pricing TBC.

We have been looking forward to this for some time as it finally means Preos owners have a much more affordable and manageable way to upgrade and utilise the flagship camira DAC, without having to go all the way to the very expensive £68,250 Precensio linestage.

The Prisma incorporates a whole host of new technologies which mean that as a pure linestage it is in a completely different world of performance compared to the Preos, which itself we feel still impresses deeply for a £30,000 preamp. The Prisma phono input also manages to improve significantly on the Preos which didn’t exactly need upgrading either.

To be frank we were expecting the price of the Prisma to be in excess of £40,000 but as we have seen with the Camira launch and the Vimberg range of loudspeakers, the very clever people in Köln appear to be reducing the cost to the customer whilst making large technological leaps year on year. We are not actually sure how they do it.

On demo/home loan at Lotus from february. Please just get in touch to arrange.

Elsewhere on the internet, Monoandstereo have published an exlusive and exhaustive interview with the man behind Tidal, Jörn Janczak. This is a great article with lots of insight on the company and the people behind it. Be sure to take a look:

Monoandstereo – Exclusive interview with Jörn Janczak