My on site and home demos here at Lotus have shown Entreq grounding to provide a signficant result in nearly all systems. The magnitude of that effect does however vary a little with the brand of the partenring equipment. The power supplies and ground planes are designed differently across different manufacturers so its hardly surprising that some makes benefit even more from even a small dosage of Entreq.

Entreq @ Lotus Hifi

Of all the equipment tried so far though, perhaps the biggest upgrade using Entreq that we have observed has been with Devialet. The effect of using Entreq grounding or indeed their mains cables and mains distribution blocks is quite staggering. It seems that Devialet owners have cottoned onto this and I know that through the dealer network dozens and dozens of UK owners of these amps are now happy Entreq users too, enjoying a cleaner, wider, more coherent sound with less distortion and a greater sense of musical flow and timing. Here is a small snippet from one such Lotus customer, reproiduced here from off the Devialet user forums:

“It’s been a very interesting few days and I must admit that I was very sceptical about these boxes. Coming from a long time association with Naim electronics, my tweaking has really been down to careful equipment location, letting cables hang freely and keeping sources of EMI away from my kit – just good sound practice. I’ve avoided the more esoteric tweaks as this is where I find audio and conventional engineering principles tending to diverge – an electronic engineering background means pseudoscience isn’t for me, but I do like to keep an open mind and after reading the positive views on this thread it seemed worth a try. I always found with my Naim systems (especially when mixing Naim and non Naim components) that earth configurations played an important role – multiple signal earths or even taking one component out of a Hydra power configuration can kill the timing .

A couple of emails to Richard at Lotus Hi-Fi and a Silver Minimus with Copper and Konstantin cables were on their way to me…

So with the Minimus on the floor next to the rack and the entry level copper RCA to spade connected to a spare RCA socket on the Devialet it was time for a listen. First of all, it’s not a night and day change but rather something that creeps up over a few tracks and most noticeable when you disconnect the box. The overall presentation appears darker, not dull but more focussed and revealing of subtle detail – i’ve noticed interplays on familiar tracks that i’ve not noticed or been aware of before and the music gains a real sense of ease but also gains more foot tapping pace. It doesn’t seem to change the basic character of the system but does allow it to do it’s job

I’m not one for quick A/B demos (and you can’t really do this with the Entreq boxes) – I prefer to leave things alone for a few days and then go back to the original configuration. In this case, the change is not subtle, the system sounding somewhat louder but more forced, and the ease and flow has gone. It’s like a picture with the saturation turned up and sounds rather busy. The Minimus is reconnected and after a few minutes things are better again. To sum up – It’s a keeper and I really didn’t expect to be saying that !”