I am very pleased to announce the exciting Swedish brand Entreq as the latest addition to the Lotus portfolio. After various trials it became very clear to me that the Entreq way of thinking fits in extremely well with what we do here. Not only does the Entreq philosophy mirror the sort of sound that I aspire to but their products also seem to marry beautifully with my other main resident players … High Fidelity Cables, Allnic, Vitus to name but a few.

Entreq (“energy transforming equipment”) make passive grounding boxes, Interconnects and Mains equipment. All their products share a commonality of approach and execution, which has grown out of over 16 years of research and development. If you want pyrotechnics then look elsewhere but if you seek naturalness, stability, poise, flow, timing, a reduction of distortion and insatbility then you are in for a real treat.

The Entreq product range is fairly extensive but I will be focusing on the revolutionary grounding boxes, the mains products, the XLR interconnects and USB cables. Although almost the entire range will be available for demo, I will be primarily homing in on the performance/£ sweet spots in each category. Silver minimus and Silver tellus grounding solutions. Konstantin and Challenger mains cables, distribution blocks and USB cables. Discover and Konstantin balanced interconnects.

I’ll finish up by saying that i’m really excited by these new additions to the store front. Along with High Fidelity Cables and Pro Audio Bono anti vibration products I now feel I have a very compelling and complete range of system dressing to offer my customers. In my trials, a sprinkling of Entreq took systems from the very good to the very very special. I think the grounding boxes in particular represent exceptional value for money and single grounding solutions start at just £250 so the price of admission does not necessarily cost the earth. Moreover, the interconnects and mains cables themselves can also be grounded so therein lies a free potential upgrade for every entreq wire in your system. I like the feel of the brand, the aesthetics and the whole freshness of approach. If there is a complete opposite of “me too” then Entreq is it. Suffice to say that from now on, for my own listening pleasure, all my equipment will always be plugged into a Silver Tellus. There is no going back.

To follow soon: a closer introduction of some of the main stars of the range.