ENTREQ, “The Sound of Nature”

Entreq must be one of the biggest and fastest growing brands of the last decade. The traction in the UK marketplace and the spread of this brand in UK homes in the last 24 months has been nothing short of remarkable. Their pioneering grounding technology represents a major leap foward in this industry and it keeps me as a dealer, busier than possibly any other manufacturer in my catalogue right now.

Entreq teaches us in no uncertain terms, and normally inside a very quick and simple demonstration,  that we should extract the best from our boxes before we move onto changing boxes again. In nearly all instances there is so much more to come from our systems as we know them and there is something extremely gratifying in persauding your purchases to perform at their absolute limit.

Entreq passive grounding in particular is a unique and powerful system enhancement that is not available anywhere else by any other manufacturer. The huge sonic improvement it offers simply cannot be replicated any other way. In simple terms, Entreq grounding lowers the noise floor by draining away stray pollutants from the system. By lowering the noise floor, almost every sonic property you can think of is granted a fairly startling improvement yet the essential character of the system remains unchanged.

It’s my belief that one day soon, all good systems will be grounded and it will be viewed as an essential part of setup, much in the same way that good mains, decent interconnects or support + isolation are deemed as essentials when it comes to building a high quality low distortion system. If you ever do change equipment everything is also fully portable so like Stillpoints, Entreq is an invaluable system enhancement which will stay with you for good.

The catalogue does not stop at their passive grounding system though. Entreq (“energy transforming equipment”) also manufacture superb Interconnects and Mains equipment. All their products share a commonality of approach and execution which has grown out of over 16 years of research and development. If you want pyrotechnics then look elsewhere but if you seek focus, poise, calmness, stability, a huge drop in noise that you didn’t previously realise was there, spookily black backgrounds and a scarily natural and uncontrived rendition of your music, then you will be handsomely rewarded.